How We Test And Review Products

Here at Modern Day Pets, we are cat lovers and help cat parents nurture their furry babies with only the best practices to keep them happy and healthy. 

Being a cat parent is a crucial responsibility, and a litter box is vital in ensuring the cat’s well-being. Therefore, we have many products from manufacturers to test, review, and buy. 

For careful consideration, we do prefer to invest a vast capital allocated in the purchase of litter boxes. We do test them, and our cats use them if they are suitable. Accordingly, after a certain time, our experts document the review. 

It’s apparent that it does consume a lot of resources, yet we take pride in helping fellow cat parents save their babies from the wrong products. Thus, we have only those products which are genuinely valuable. 

Below-mentioned are the legitimate aspects we consider before featuring products on our site:

Saying “No” to Gimmicks and “Yes” to Quality

There are plenty of litter boxes and related stuff available in the market. However, not all are popular and often show decreased sales.

Thus, to stand out in the market, various manufacturers create bizarre gimmicks and, most of the time, get famous. Yet we look for efficacy and not looks. 

Rigorous Testing and Thorough Review

No one can predict a product’s quality without using it. Therefore, extensive research is required. We rigorously test the products, and if they approve of quality standards, then put them into our cat’s use. After usage, we then thoroughly review the litter boxes of honest feedback. 

Test The Product Claims

For marketing and increased sales, manufacturers ensure to include good sales copy and even make false claims. Hence, we analyze whether the product legitimately does what it claims. 

Hunt The Best Platforms To Buy

Whenever you buy a product, it’s essential to find the best platform where you can get affordable prices and good customer service. So, we appropriately hunt for the best places to buy. 

What We Strictly Refuse!

Being a prominent website, sales associates and digital marketers do reach out to us for sponsoring their products on our site. However, we believe in cat’s betterment more than profits and don’t take pride in showing sponsored products.

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