Our Editorial Process

Not all cats are the same or show similar behavior, yet they share some traits. Similar to dogs being honest, cats are territorial and loving.

They are pretty possessive about their spaces, and when it comes to pooping or peeing, they won’t defecate in a dirty area. Cats love clean habitats; their smell and litter boxes help.

The aura at your house that surrounds them, the cat’s age, behavior, gender, nature, and overall well-being affect their litter box habits. No matter how much love and care you shower on them, the paws do take time to adjust to a new environment.

Being cat parents ourselves, we do understand your concern. Moreover, the complexity of all their factors, cat-attributed, inherited, and acquired traits, would seem difficult to comprehend for an amateur. Hence, we are here to guide you throughout the journey.

Searching on the internet, YouTube, and forums has many answers, yet it becomes overwhelming. This is because some are myths while others contain incomplete information.

Additionally, don’t delve into every angle, so don’t guide accordingly, which can cause trouble for your furry baby.

Here’s where we will help you clear the clutter with practical, reliable, in-depth, and accurate information from every perspective. Whether you have an aged cat, a young one, or a kitten, our experts will enlighten you!

Subject-Matter Expert Writers

Our writers are prominent personalities with expertise in conveying the information they provide. These include registered veterinarians, behavioral specialists, doctors, dietitians, and counselors. Our experts provide you with clear, concise, and relevant information without any errors. 

A special mention at ModernDayPets is the superior quality human-written content seeking knowledge from experts, research, and monitoring behaviors.

This is because, after all, we have, some of us are cat parents, and AI tools don’t raise them. Hence, they do lack information, especially the latest one! 

Diverse Voices

We commit to quality and thus shower knowledge to all individuals without racial discrimination. Further, it’s for all kinds of cats, considering their breed.

We make significant efforts to work with Healthcare experts, CBTs, photographers, graphic designers, and more for different tasks.

Editorial Team

We have highly experienced pet-niche editors on our Board who check for human errors and the accuracy and reliability of information. Further, these even check if our content is understandable for naive users and updated now. 

Review Board

We at Modern Day Pets never conduct hypothetical reviews. Therefore, have a team of experts like veterinarians, caretakers, dietitians, behavioral specialists, and individuals with special cat expertise. With plenty of effects, presence of mind, experience, and practices, we ensure that our information is accurate. 

Moreover, each reviewer checks the information we deliver based on the experience and expertise alliance. It further goes under quality checks and another verification phase to provide you with accurate, updated, and correct information.  

Fact Check

We at Modern Day Pets have expert fact-checks to ensure content integrity and correctness. These even reviewed medical guidelines and collaborated with our health and behavioral experts to deliver the most helpful information. 

The Modern Day Pets Voice 

As a proud cat parent, most team members have experience implementing the practices they suggest owing to their profession. Regulating cats’ defecation habits doesn’t end merely buying litter boxes but a lot of techniques to infuse them into their habitat.

Further, it is essential not to follow the rumors or random information people suggest. Hence, our articles even clarify common misconceptions you have regarding litter boxes. 

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