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Welcome to Modern Day Pets, where we, avid pet lovers, help you solve the most common issue about cats and their litter box usage habitat.

Apart from that, cleaning and maintaining these litter boxes isn’t an easy feat and an especially cautious task if you are expecting.

Here’s where we strive to shed light on the information and actionable insights that would ease things up for you.

We don’t just hear random facts and knowledge but study the underlying issue behind the behaviors, whether physiological, psychological, or behavioral. Thus, accordingly, our experts act upon and help.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safe, healthy, and happy habitat for cats living with humans.

We aim to eradicate the spread of misconceptions and rumors about litter boxes and their practices to not cause any potential issues for cats or humans.

Alongside this, we even ensure that humans can conveniently manage, clean, and replace litter boxes.

Our Story

From an intern at Orphan Cat NGO to a full-time mom of my cats, the journey has been thick and thin. One peculiar issue with one of my cats was not using the litter box.

Though I got her treated for the cause, I noticed there were many pet parents in the neighborhood facing such issues. Some vent out on their cats in anger, not realizing the challenging stage they are passing through.

We know it’s obvious to be annoyed if they don’t use the litter box and to worry in case of abnormality. Yet it’s equally essential to give them the love, care, and treatment they deserve.

In the initial stages, I teamed up with some of my fellow pet parents in my circle, taking them to the veterinarian and further pampering until things got normal. However, I realized the problem is not confined to a region but universal.

Since then, I have teamed up with some pet parents, veterinarians, and pet behavioral therapists to educate people about cats’ habits regarding litter boxes and started Modern Day Pets.

We aim to ensure that every pet parent mounts litter boxes, cleans them correctly, and provides that the cat uses them. If they don’t, then suggest the issues and the attention that cats need for healthy behavior.

Today, Modern Day Pets is one of the leading online cat litter box resource. With lots of articles, Modern Day Pets has something for everyone, from litter box guides to litter box reviews.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure a healthy home for cats to cherish their coziness, comfort and relieve themselves.

Moreover, we also strive to educate them about correct cleaning practices and the frequency of use of litter boxes so it doesn’t cause any infection or illness to them.

Being cat parents, we know the feeling of seeing our babies suffer and the pain they have to bear.

Hence, creating greater awareness with the proper knowledge of the chaos is crucial.

Our Responsibility

Our responsibility is to provide a safe human home for cats to live in. Alongside, we ensure that you don’t face any health issues or potential consequences of each practice.

Further, wrong litter, cleansing agents, and litter boxes can also give rise to increased infection and illness in cats.

Meet Our Team

Photo of Calista Davis, founder and author of Modern Day Pets

Calista Davis

Founder, CEO, & Editor-in-Chief

Calista Davis is a veteran veterinarian specialising in feline and canine health. With over 7 years of experience practicing veterinary medicine, she completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Arizona. She has had a lifelong passion for animals that steered her career path, having grown up with multiple cats and dogs as pets.

Photo of Olivia Green, author of Modern Day Pets

Olivia Green

Chief Operating Officer & Writer

Olivia Green has 3 years of experience and is an animal behavior specialist certified by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. She specializes in diagnosing and treating the underlying causes of abnormal pet mannerisms to improve their well-being. Her compassion and expertise in veterinary behavioral science make her a trusted resource for owners concerned by their pets’ unexplained idiosyncrasies.

Our Editorial Process

Not all cats are the same or show similar behavior, yet they share some traits. Similar to dogs being honest, cats are territorial and loving.

They are pretty possessive about their spaces, and when it comes to pooping or peeing, they won’t defecate in a dirty area. Cats love clean habitats; their smell and litter boxes help.

The aura at your house that surrounds them, the cat’s age, behavior, gender, nature, and overall well-being affect their litter box habits.

No matter how much love and care you shower on them, the paws do take time to adjust to a new environment.

Being cat parents ourselves, we do understand your concern. Moreover, the complexity of all their factors, cat-attributed, inherited, and acquired traits, would seem difficult to comprehend for an amateur. Hence, we are here to guide you throughout the journey. 

Searching on the internet, YouTube, and forums has many answers, yet it becomes overwhelming. This is because some are myths while others contain incomplete information.

Additionally, don’t delve into every angle, so don’t guide accordingly, which can cause trouble for your furry baby. 

Here’s where we will help you clear the clutter with practical, reliable, in-depth, and accurate information from every perspective. Whether you have an aged cat, a young one, or a kitten, our experts will enlighten you!

  • Subject-Matter Expert Writers
  • Diverse Voices
  • Editorial Team
  • Review Board
  • Fact Check

How We Test And Review Products

Here at Modern Day Pets, we are cat lovers and help cat parents nurture their furry babies with only the best practices to keep them happy and healthy.

Being a cat parent is a crucial responsibility, and a litter box is vital in ensuring the cat’s well-being. Therefore, we have many products from manufacturers to test, review, and buy.

For careful consideration, we do prefer to invest a vast capital allocated in the purchase of litter boxes. We do test them, and our cats use them if they are suitable. Accordingly, after a certain time, our experts document the review.

It’s apparent that it does consume a lot of resources, yet we take pride in helping fellow cat parents save their babies from the wrong products. Thus, we have only those products which are genuinely valuable.

Below-mentioned are the legitimate aspects we consider before featuring products on our site:

  • Saying “No” to Gimmicks and “Yes” to Quality
  • Rigorous Testing and Thorough Review
  • Test The Product Claims
  • Hunt The Best Platforms To Buy
  • What We Strictly Refuse!

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